ACEAM Pty Ltd has been engaged by Brimbank City Council over a period of 6 years to provide analysis of useful lives and valuation of Council’s assets. This analytical information has been used by Council to maintain its asset management database, as well as ensuring appropriate disclosures are made in the Annual Financial Statements in compliance with Australian Accounting Standards. Services provided include:

  1. Revaluation of infrastructure assets - including the provision of replacement values and remaining useful lives
  2. Review of asset useful lives
  3. Indexation assessment of all Council-owned infrastructure assets
  4. Impairment testing on all Council’s infrastructure assets

ACEAM has always met the requirements of the job specifications and have provided credible information promptly and within the required budget constraints.

Ken Hutchinson

Dominic Di Martino
Asset Manager

Brimbank City Council VIC

ACEAM partnered with the District Council of Mount Barker in 2007 and ever since have shared the journey with us as we develop greater maturity in the application of sound asset management principles. Since day one, the “Level of Service” offered by ACEAM has been second to none and it is this service that provides us with reassurance that the strategy we have chosen is the right one.

Ashay and Tony have effectively facilitated numerous information and training sessions for Elected Members, Senior Management and staff of Council and in each case we have received excellent feedback.

Like any long lived asset, ACEAM continue to “maintain” their relationship with us to ensure we continue on our predicted asset management “lifecycle”; maximising the benefits for Council at minimum cost. ACEAM have been dependable, reliable and professional at all times and have shown us that asset management is not “rocket science” after all.

Phil Burton
Manager Assets and Contracts

District Council of Mount Barker SA

The City of Stirling embarked on the asset management journey some time ago. Progress was relatively slow until ACEAM joined us.
With their assistance we have achieved more in five months than in the previous twenty-four. The support and encouragement received has been tireless, the depth of knowledge and assistance offered is extraordinary. We look forward to moving forward together.

Jan Korek
Manager Asset Management

City of Stirling WA

Long-term sustainability of infrastructure assets presents a vital challenge for local governments within Australia. As the infrastructure grows older, the need for a strategic maintenance plan to prolong its use becomes greater. The planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure are crucial to the economic viability of Australia. I believe that ACEAM demonstrate exemplary practice every day in aiding us to develop TRC’s Strategic Asset Management Framework that will ensure we are sustainable into the future. This framework uses “leading edge science” that is being tailored to suit our council.

ACEAM has been instrumental in equipping us with the skills required to maintain ageing infrastructure, integrate new infrastructure into existing systems, and expand infrastructure, in a way that is socially, environmentally and financially sustainable whilst changing the culture of Local Government from “fire-fighting practices” to “preventative practices”. Their staff is extremely helpful, approachable and friendly and I am yet to find a problem that they can’t develop a solution for.

Nicola Grant
Coordinator Infrastructure System Development, Infrastructure Support Services Department

Tablelands Regional Council QLD