ACEAM focuses on providing niche consulting, training and recruitment in the infrastructure asset management industry. We cover all asset classes including but not limited to roads, bridges, stormwater drainage, plant and fleet, facilities and buildings, parks and open spaces, ports, water reticulation and sewerage infrastructure.

In providing these outcomes, our focus is on empowering the client staff. There is a very heavy focus on knowledge transfer through intense workshops in every phase. ACEAM acknowledges that not all organisations are the same. They vary in size, resources and local skills. They all have different needs and pressures and no one template fits all. However, this does not mean infrastructure managing organisations like local government needs to constantly re-invent the wheel.

Our Step-Watch model therefore recognises existing good practice, utilises existing templates from our nation wide client base and tailors frameworks specifically for individual needs. We test the frameworks at grass root levels and encourage involvement from depot staff to councillor levels. This is the reason for the success of the Step-Watch model.