Climate Change

ACEAM Cimate Smart - Climate Change Practice Framework for Local Government

What does this mean to Local Government?
Legislative Framework:

  1. The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act.
  2. Regulations as applied under this Act.
  3. National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Measurement.

ACEAM is facilitating and mentoring Local government through educational workshops to set the frameworks for adopting climate change strategies. We are currently assisting and working in project teams with pilot Councils through Advanced Step-Watch to develop the following:

  1. Application of pilot Green Star rating models.
  2. Application of Benchmark NGER and CPRS factors for fleet, facilities and landfills.
  3. Asset Management action plans and strategies to put structures and methods in place for Climate-Smart outcomes:
    1. How to capture data.
    2. How to record emissions.
    3. What National Guidelines to apply.
    4. Strategies to reduce emissions.
    5. Design guidelines for asset provision.
    6. User education toolkits.

Example Framework for Fleet and Facilities (Buildings)

Example Framework for Waste and Landfills

Common LG Framework - Method Overview:

  1. Simple and effective.
  2. Uses designated estimation factors (National Averages).
  3. Assumes that sources are homogeneous:
    1. Combustion of standard fossil fuels.
    2. Energy use equivalency.
    3. Waste Material Solid breakdown is consistent.