ACEAM Recruitment

ACEAM Recruitment specialises in researching, interviewing and identifying the right candidate for the job in the field of Infrastructure Asset Management.

ACEAM uses its expertise, industry knowledge and its vast database to take the pressure of the employers to help fill positions. We even provide asset management training to fill skill gaps prior to or during employment.

Potential Candidates:
If you are a potential candidate looking for prospective employers: Please e-mail your details to us by completing the form below and attach your current resume. If you wish to move into country towns or change states or move into the city please add this info in our comments column along with any other info you may wish to supply.


  1. Asset Inspector
  2. Supervisors - Infrastructure (i.e. Road, Bridges, Footpath, ports)
  3. Works Coordinator
  4. Asset Management Coordinator
  5. Asset Systems Officer
  6. Asset Engineer
  7. Asset Officer
  8. Asset Manager
  9. Works/Depot Manager
  10. Infrastructure Manager
  11. Infrastructure Director

If you are looking for suitably qualified candidates in Infrastructure Asset Management: Please e-mail us on with details and one of our staff will contact you to make an appointment to further discuss your requirements.
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